North Carolina General Assembly
Legislative Calendar
10:00 AM544 LOB
Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee
2:00 PM643 LOB
Committee to Study Rates and Transfers/Public Enterprises (LRC)(2017)
9:00 AM544 LOB
Joint Legislative Study Committee on the Division of Local School Administrative Units (2017)
12:00 PM544 LOB
Committee on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (LRC)(2017)
1:00 PM1228/1327 LB
Select Committee on Implementation of Building Code Regulatory Reform -- UPDATED (House)
1:00 PM421 LOB
Committee on Dispute Resolution Options for Homeowners, Associations and Governing Entities (LRC)(2017)
1:00 PM544 LOB
Select Committee on Strategic Transportation Planning and Long Term Funding Solutions (House)
10:00 AM643 LOB
Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee
1:00 PM544 LOB
Joint Legislative Commission on Energy Policy
1:00 PM643 LOB
Joint Legislative Economic Development and Global Engagement Oversight Committee
9:00 AM643 LOB
Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Health and Human Services
1:00 PM643 LOB
Joint Select Committee on Judicial Reform and Redistricting (2017)
12:00 PMHouse
Session Convenes (House)
12:00 PMSenate
Session Convenes (Senate)
12:00 PMPress Room LB
Senator Mike Woodard -- Press Conference
1:00 PMPress Room LB
Senator Floyd B. McKissick, Jr. -- Press Conference